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Protect and track inventory with custom inventory tags from Lightning Labels

We always strive to put our customers first, offering a wide variety of options and possibilities

For over 20 years, Lightning Labels has helped businesses of all kinds with their custom labeling needs. Now companies can turn to Flash tags for their asset tagging needs, using these durable tags and stickers to carefully manage their equipment inventory.

Custom inventory tags make it easier to protect and track an organization’s most important assets, such as expensive technology or items containing sensitive information.

According to the needs of a company, inventory tags can take many forms. For example, businesses can use barcode scanning to add digital inventory tracking capability or apply custom branding to make their inventory labels more official and professional. These options, and more, are now available through Lightning Labels.

Asset Tag Features to Meet Unique Business Needs

An asset tag is more than just a label to be affixed to a company’s equipment. These stickers can provide increased inventory security and peace of mind, while speeding up tracking and management.

Lightning Labels inventory label options can help businesses achieve their specific goals and include the following features:

  • Tamper-Resistant Security Tags for High-Value Assets: When tagging important assets, such as laptops containing sensitive documents, businesses can choose a silver polyester security tag material. When the asset tag is removed, it reveals a bottom layer that reads “CANCELLED” and lets viewers know the gear has been tampered with.
  • Barcode labels FOR EASY INVENTORY TRACKING: Scanning a barcode is a quick and easy way to record an asset inside or outside of a location. Lightning Labels inventory tags can contain traditional (1D) barcodes or more advanced 2D barcodes, including QR codes. These QR codes may contain more information and can be scanned with a standard smartphone camera.
  • Branded Asset Labels with a Strong Visual Identity: If a company’s assets are commonly seen by the public, it may be beneficial to use spot color printing to match the company’s brand image. the company. These inventory tags are both beautiful and functional.
  • Asset tags in all shapes and sizes: The typical asset tag measures between 1 and 4 inches in height and width. That said, Lightning Labels’ die-cut capabilities allow customers to order asset labeling labels in different sizes and shapes, allowing them to find the perfect fit for any piece of equipment.

“We always strive to put our customers first, offering a wide variety of options and possibilities,” said Matt Zeyher, President of Lightning Labels. “This focus on giving our customers exactly what they need extends to our new inventory tag offerings.”

Labels to enable excellent inventory management

Inventory management is a process that must be fast, efficient and error-free. Achieving this level of performance is not automatic, however. Businesses need to have systems in place that will give them peace of mind, and inventory tags from Lightning Labels are an important part of building such a strong system.

As with all Lightning Labels offers, these inventory tags are highly customizable to meet a company’s exact needs and specifications. Whether an organization needs a few labels or thousands, Lightning Labels can provide the perfect asset labeling solution for that business.

About Lightning labels:

Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art printing technology to deliver affordable full-color products custom labels and personalized stickers of all shapes and sizes. From small orders for individuals to bulk needs for large businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and complete custom label and sticker projects of all types. Best of all, as the name suggests, Lightning Labels provides a quick response to every customer’s labeling needs. Uses for custom product labels and custom stickers from Lightning Labels include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceuticals, such as vitamins, essential oils and herbal remedies, as well as event decals, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and offers Biostone, a green label material made from stone paper that is water resistant and inherently strong and durable. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lightning Labels prides itself on personalized customer service. Lightning Labels offers a one-stop-shop for all of your custom label needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit For the latest packaging news and promotional labeling offers, find Lightning Labels on Twitter (@LightningLabels), FacebookInstagram (@LightningLabels), pinterest, ICT Tac and LinkedIn.

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