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Results posted from 4A District 6 Track and Field | Sports

REXBURG – Blackfoot and Shelley combined with three other schools, competed in the High Country Conference/District 6 track meet at Madison High School Thursday and Friday, May 12-13.

The women’s team Blackfoot placed third behind favorite Skyline and runner-up Bonneville, while the men’s team finished second behind Skyline by just 12 points.

The Broncos had some great results, including a sweep of the distance races by junior Matt Thomas, who also picked up a fourth gold medal with a run in the 4 X 400 meter relay for Blackfoot.

The top three finishers in each of the individual events advance to the Boise State Championships at Dona Larson Field on the Boise State University campus with the winning relay team in each of the four relay events.

Here are the team scores for the boys and girls and the individual events as well as the state qualifiers.

Boys Individual Events

Braxton Battleson Hillcrest 11.03 seconds

Ryker Clinger Shelley 11.20 seconds

Jorge Cortez Skyline 11.26 seconds

Dallan Morse Blackfoot 23.47 seconds

Jake Murdock Skyline 23.64 seconds

Braxton Battleson Hillcrest 23.93 seconds

Dallan Morse Blackfoot 51.69 seconds

Jake Murdock Skyline 52.33 seconds

Canyon Allphin Shelley 53.96 seconds

Matthew Thomas Blackfoot 2:02.18

McKay Bird Skyline 2:07.26

Aiden Hardy Horizon 2:07.55

Matthew Thomas Blackfoot 4:32.75

Eli Gregory Blackfoot 4:37.51

Ridge Wilding Horizon 4:39.44

Matthew Thomas Blackfoot 9:32.66

Eli Gregory Blackfoot 9:41.22

Ridge Wilding Horizon 10:13.96

Abrahn Silverio Skyline 15.53

Spencer Gudmundson Hillcrest 15.95

Garrett Cook Hillcrest 16.26

Abrahn Silverio Skyline 42.87

Carmyne Garcia Skyline 43.93

Spencer Gudmundson Hillcrest 43.96

Alex Cortez Skyline 46-05

Steve Sanders Blackfoot 45-05

Steve Sanders Blackfoot 149-04

Kolton Dallimore Bonneville 129-09

Johnny Baczuk Skyline 128-07.50

Lucas Witte Hillcrest 5-10.00

Jorgen Callahan Shelley 5-08.00

Ty Bennett Bonneville 5-08.00

Brigham Peterson Bonneville 5-08.00

Braedon Bird Bonneville 11-06

Searle Skyline Crew 11-00

Taye Trautner Blackfoot 10-06

Tyler Vance Blackfoot 20-07.25

Colter Hokanson Shelley 19-11

Kyle Davis Shelley 19-10.25

Carson Trejo Blackfoot 41-08.75

Jack Perry Shelley 39-08.50

Isaac Farnsworth Horizon 39-07.00

Individual girls events

Claire Petersen Skyline 12.00 seconds

Kylie Coles Bonneville 12.42 seconds

Emma Dye Bonneville 12.72 seconds

Kylie Coles Bonneville 27.22 seconds

Whitney Christensen Blackfoot 27.55 seconds

Emma Dye Bonneville 27.81 seconds

Whitney Christensen Blackfoot 1:00.98

Sarah McArthur Hillcrest 1:02.31

Jacquelin Romero Shelley 1:06.31

Kennedy Kunz Bonneville 2:23.82

Daisha Wagner Skyline 2:26.18

Skyline by Nelah Roberts 2:32.83

Skyline by Nelah Roberts 5:17.21

Kennedy Kunz Bonneville 5:23.12

Savannah Ivins Shelley 5:34.85

Skyline by Nelah Roberts 11:36.92

Alivia Hohnson Bonneville 12:19.60

Ava Daniel Bonneville 12:20.60

Claire Petersen Skyline 15.18 seconds

Brooke Cood Hillcrest 16.58 seconds

Reese Callahan Shelley 17.22 seconds

Claire Petersen Skyline 48.73 seconds

Brooke Cook Hillcrest 50.68 seconds

Jaymie Johnson Blackfoot 53.59 seconds

Hadley Humphreys Blackfoot 37-07.50

Morgan Price Skyline 33-05.50

Tiffany Tone foot-black 33-00.00

Tiffany Tone Blackfoot 106-03.00

Laini Huber Bonneville 103-07.00

Hadley Humphreys Blackfoot 100-03.00

Amy Baczuk Skyline 5-00.00

Lea Pebley Hillcrest 4-10.00

Skyline from Shay Shippen 4-08.00

Tasha Miller Horizon 9-00.00

Kallie Denny Hillcrest 8-06.00

Amber Denny Hillcrest 8-00.00

Alliya Parke Skyline 16-00.50

Lanie Williams Shelley 15-11.00

Reese Callahan Shelley 15-09.502

Alliya Parke Skyline 34-08.50

Amy Baczuk Skyline 33-10.50

Sarah Dalling Shelley 32-04.25