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Review of voters list, registration on track: NEC

Examination of voter lists and voter registration went smoothly at all registration offices across the country, with the names of 334,124 people registered so far.

Deputy Secretary General of the National Elections Committee (NEC), Som Sorida, said on November 13 that the process had so far taken 24 days.

“From October 20 to November 12, the examination of the lists and the registration in the 1,652 offices went smoothly. The atmosphere was safe and secure and the process was orderly,” he said.

The NEC estimates that the number of people reaching majority and now eligible to register to vote is nearly 410,000, with the NEC setting a deadline of 50 days.

“In the first 24 days, we recorded 334,124. This suggests we are on the right track, as it matches our own projections,” he said.

He said there were no challenges during the process.

According to an earlier press release, 154,950 names had been removed from voter lists and 30,023 people had their personal details corrected. 54,515 others had moved to new municipalities and had to move from one list to another.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Hun Sen renewed his call for people of all political affiliations to register to vote and exercise their democratic rights in next July’s general elections.

He also urged all political parties, whether or not they intend to field candidates in the next election, to tell their members to register to vote and ensure their contact details are up to date on the electoral list.

“The democratic process must be carried out regularly to be legitimate. In Cambodia, that means we have to hold an election every five years. Voter registration has been modernized to make it easier for us to provide this opportunity to all our citizens,” he said.

Examination of voter lists and voter registration takes place from October 20 to December 8, including Saturdays and Sundays.