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Rolling out the revamped Yahoo Mail app for Android IOS, the first features of its kind

No, Yahoo Mail is not dead as the major search engine launched new features for Yahoo Mail on Wednesday. Yahoo Mail’s new redesign would allow consumers to make sense of their inbox, save time and improve productivity. Yahoo Mail’s new updates meet the needs of users who have been doing more online since the pandemic and want to manage and personalize their inbox to support their digital lifestyle.

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The new updates amplify Yahoo Mail’s core offerings by connecting millions of users daily, including the feature of 1TB of free storage. The new Yahoo Mail app makes life easier for users based on their interactions and interests while providing world-class utilities to give users quick and easy access to the most important information.

The new update also brings alerts to the top of the inbox to remind you when a free trial expires or a paid subscription is about to renew on the Yahoo Mail app.

“Yahoo Mail has been a part of consumers’ lives for 25 years, so we know how important it is for people to quickly find what they need, whether it’s the next day’s flight departure time or the amount spent on a weekend getaway with friends,” Josh Jacobson, GM and SVP Yahoo Communications said in a statement.

“These new features are the culmination of listening to our employees to better understand what they need and what makes Yahoo Mail such an integral part of it.”

New Yahoo Mail features include:

Group by sender: This feature will allow you to “group” emails by domain to quickly find important messages, offers, or delete all messages from a sender at once.

Updated inbox top navigation: This feature with contextual filters is designed to increase awareness and the ability to find what matters most to you and reduce the signal-to-noise ratio.

View receipts: View receipts for all orders at once to expedite returns and track your purchase history.