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Sandy Alexander Launches New Mail Merge App on Salesforce AppExchange, Automating Mail Merge in Journey Builder

Whether you’re looking to increase loyalty or ROI initiatives, adding print communications to your Salesforce digital platform with MailPath will make your voice heard!

Clifton, NJ – Sandy Alexander, Inc., a leader in integrated multi-channel communications solutions, today announced the launch of a direct mail application on the Salesforce AppExchange. MailPath, a Journey Builder-specific app in’s Marketing Cloud, enables marketers to streamline direct mail into their automated journeys.

Reinvent the way your voice is heard and integrate direct mail into your omnichannel digital communications with MailPath. Trigger direct mail as easily as email and SMS communications by adding multiple direct mail formats to your automated journeys in the Journey Builder environment.

MailPath is now available on App Exchange at

Benefits of using MailPath:
Secure workflows – HIPAA and SOCII compliant
Turnkey – technology solution with print and mail distribution
Multiple formats – flexibility in direct mail formats produced (postcards, letters, kits, etc.)
Scalable – from 100 to millions of coins sent in each campaign
Easy – simple app integration into the Journey Builder environment, no need to use other apps!

“More and more of our customers in a multitude of vertical markets; healthcare, retail, automotive, pharmaceutical and others used Journey Builder for triggered delivery of their digital communications, but quickly recognized the shortcoming of direct mail delivery automation,” Betsy explained. Davis, executive vice president and national sales manager at Sandy Alexander. “Understanding the importance of direct mail, we took this opportunity to provide the MailPath app as a solution to integrate direct mail as another channel in their journey and improve their response rates.”

Learn more about MailPath at or contact [email protected].