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Shenseea shares a sweet birthday message for London on Da Track

Shenseea shares a sweet birthday message for London On Da Track as he celebrated his 31st birthday.

From the Super Bowl to a super sweet birthday wish, Shenseea is still going strong with her rumored new beau, London On Da Track. She recently took to Instagram to let the world know that she is remembering and celebrating her birthday. the Alpha wife made a simple but heartfelt message to celebrate London Holmes’ birthday, which was Sunday March 27, and while she could have done it privately, it makes no sense to hide her happiness from the world.

The post simply read, “Happy Birthday England @Londonondatrack,” with a photo of the platinum-winning producer posing with his head down, wearing a black t-shirt paired with white denim and matching white trainers and an icy chain.

The two were rumored to be an article for many months after they were first seen buying candles in August 2021. Then, after being spotted together at the recent Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, the fans are firmly of the belief that the pair were an article, although at the time the explanation given was that he was just holding her hand to keep her from tripping. Well, no one really bought that story, especially since afterwards the two were photographed again still being friends, and fans no doubt believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day in Shenseea was organized by none other than London.

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What was still speculation then became much more with his presence at his Jamaican Alpha album launch party on March 15. If that wasn’t enough proof of a relationship, when the “Run” singer was on stage to address the audience at her launch, London On Da Track made a huge public gesture of love and affection without being there. invited, he took the stage in front of everyone and offered his box an icy chain. Grinning from ear to ear, she accepted the lavish gift as London pulled out the chain and placed it around her neck, crowning her her queen. A quick peck on the cheek was also captured by a fan at the event, and it quickly made its rounds on social media.

Ever since Shenseea’s recent post, fans on social media have been expressing their birthday wishes. Most of her fans wondered if people in relationships weren’t expected to send greetings to each other.

One fan said, “I swear some unnu don’t know what to send. Birthday greetings to London, England and Birmingham. Anything she wants to type. Innu said to chew? while another commented, “I just wanted to see what a go gwan is when a fi har birthday.”

Other fans now have their eyes peeled to see if she is captured with him in the days to come.