Mail merge

The 7 Best Mail Merge Addons for Google Docs

Direct mail is an easy way to produce documents for multiple people at once, from emails and forms to letters and envelopes. All you need is relevant data and software such as Google Docs with mail merge tools.

While you’re organizing recipient information, explore the best Google Docs add-ons that make the mail merge process much easier.


1. Direct mail

The first add-on to check out on Google Docs is Quicklution Mail Merge. It offers a free trial of 20 mergers and an additional free week to test the unlimited version. If you want to continue using it, you pay an annual or lifetime fee.

What you get is a set of simple but useful tools. Whatever document you’re on, turn on mail merge and the app will let you open an existing spreadsheet of data from Google Sheets or Drive. You can also create a new one using Sheets. Whatever you choose, you can then customize mail merge settings, including:

  • The field you want to fill in—first name, email, Cc, or other.
  • The sheet from which you are extracting information.
  • Who you are sending the document to.
  • Any attachments you want to add.
  • When to schedule the email.

There’s a lot more to play with. Once satisfied with your settings, press the Merge button, and the app does the rest. It’s not that different from using mail merge in Word.

To download: Direct mail (Subscription required, free trial available)

2. Avery Mail Merge

Quicklution also offers Avery Mail Merge specifically for creating labels. Combining these two add-ons can streamline your workflow. Their processes are almost exactly the same, except Avery Mail Merge only lets you use a pre-existing spreadsheet as a data source, and you have fewer customization options.

Other than that, you just need to select your worksheet, the fields you’re merging, and click Merge Labels. You get perfectly aligned labels, ready to print and stick on your envelopes or parcels.

To download: Merge Avery Labels (Subscription required, free trial available)

3. Document Studio

Another Google Docs tool to keep in mind for mail merge tasks is Document Studio. It’s multifunctional and has a slight learning curve, but it’s very handy once you get to know it.

Launch the add-on and create a new workflow to be processed automatically if needed. After naming the workflow, choosing a Google Sheet as the data source, and setting the trigger conditions, choose the task you want to perform.

Among several options, you have Send an email and Create file. Depending on what you choose, Document Studio walks you through additional steps that customize your emails or files, as well as the workflow itself.

For example, you can set how often the process starts and whether it should ignore hidden and filtered rows in the worksheet. These are just some of the features you can expect.

To download: Document Studio (Free, subscription available)

4. Merging Publigo documents

Being able to quickly generate a bunch of custom documents can save you time and stress. So, get the most out of apps like Publigo, especially in complicated situations like trying to work productively with a remote team across multiple time zones.

This add-on can merge data in Docs, PDF and Word format files. But you can also schedule a campaign that Publigo will automatically launch at a specific time or when a recipient submits a form.

On that note, you can use Google Sheets and Forms to produce documents with a range of data, from spreadsheet information to quiz questions or answers. The app and its processes also offer plenty of customization options. Besides scheduling, you can configure email notifications, file sharing, merge rules, and more.

To download: Merging Publigo documents (Free, subscription available)

5. Mergo Mail Merge

If all you want to do is send bulk emails, Mergo Mail Merge is worth exploring. With your ready-to-use document, you can use this add-on to upload a list of recipients as a Google spreadsheet, Excel spreadsheet, or CSV file. You can also enter them manually.

A great bonus is Mergo’s tracking feature. It can tell you when recipients open, click, reply, or bounce from your email. There are also different ways to customize the merged email. For example, you can adjust what appears in the Sender and To respond to domains, as well as adding an unsubscribe link with a message of your choice.

To download: Merge and mail merge (Free, subscription available)

6. Create and print labels

As already mentioned, mail merge tools are useful for more than emails and letters. If you like having a dedicated label maker, be sure to try the Create and Print Labels add-on.

Its purpose is simple: import a Google sheet with your data and place the information in the labels of your choice, which you can then print or use as you wish.

There are several label templates on offer for everything from packages to greeting cards, a great addition to standard Google Docs templates for easy document creation. When using Create and Print Labels, a grid is available to show you what the labels will look like. You can adjust their layout, font, text, etc.

To download: Create and print labels (Subscription required, free trial available)

7. Foxy Labels

The last app that Google Docs should keep in mind also helps you design the perfect labels for every occasion, whether you’re sending multiple letters or creating a personalized business card for each of your clients.

All you do on Foxy Labels is choose the template you need and your data source from Google Sheets. Then click Create labels and you are done. You can turn the grip on and off, as well as design your labels individually. In any case, you are free to customize your document as much as you wish.

To download: Foxy Labels (Free and premium version available)

Dive into Google Docs add-ons

Thanks to the helpful spirit of Google, you can turn Docs into your ideal workstation. When it comes to producing emails or labels for tons of people, the mail merge addons on offer have you covered. You just have to decide how simple or complex your tools are.

But take the time to explore the true range of Google Docs apps. You’ll come across gems that might be just what you need for business documents, presentations, or group projects.