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The Basin League athletics meeting has just taken place | Norwood Post

Spring has arrived and the track season is underway. The Norwood college kids are on the field and on the track, and the San Juan Basin League meeting just took place on April 21 at Mancos.

The girls came in second place and the boys in third place overall.

“If you see these young athletes, please congratulate them,” said Norwood teacher Samantha Jacobs, who coaches the Mavericks this season.

For the medley sprint, Darcy Bray, Maggie Andrews, Lilliana Jacobs and Shay Snyder took first place. In the 400 meter relay, Darcy Bray, Maggie Andrews, Lilliana Jacobs and Kieley Shepardson placed second.

In the 800 meter relay, Kieley Shepardson, Brylea Butler, Holli Johnson and Maria Camacho were in first place. In the 1600 meter relay, Josey Tedder, Shay Snyder, Kieley Shepardson and Maria Camacho took first place.

Also among the girls, Lilliana Jacobs finished first in the high jump and second in the 200 metres. Kieley Shepardson finished fifth in the 400 metres. Brylea Butler finished first in the discus and second in the shot put. She also finished ninth in hurdles.

Maria Camacho was fourth in the long jump and seventh in the 400 metres. Shay Snyder finished fourth in the 400 meters. Darcy Bray was eighth in the long jump and fourth in the 100 metres. Josey Tedder finished first in the 200 meters.

Maggie Andrews was 11th in the 100 meters and ninth in the long jump. Holli Johnson was third in the 800 meters, 13th in the 100 meters and 13th in the long jump. Rachel Beard finished fifth in the shot put and discus.

In the boys’ 400 meters team of Brycen Rummel, Bradley Rambo, Holten McCluer and Colton Kepley came fourth. Also, on the boys’ side, Brycen Rummel finished first in the 200 meters, second in the 100 meters and second in the high jump. Colton Kepley was second in the 400 meters, third in the long jump and sixth in the 100 meters. Liam Blair was third in the hurdles, third in the 400 meters, fourth in the 800 meters and fifth in the shot put.

Wiliam Jacobs was second in the shot put, third in the long jump and fourth in the 400 metres. Holten McCluer was third in the long jump, 10th in hurdles and 23rd in the long jump. Bradley Rambo finished fourth in the high jump, 17th in the 100 meters and 21st in the long jump.

Uriah Cook was fourth in the shot put, sixth in the discus and 15th in the long jump. Shane Ingram was sixth in the 200 meters, seventh in the shot put and 10th in the 100 meters. George Wilt finished 9th in the shot put, 16th in the discus and 19th in the 100 meters.

Principal Sam Ryan said he was proud.

“I am proud of the hard work of our students and their dedication to their sport. They represent Norwood very well,” he told the Norwood Post.