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The best thing is that they are really good friends in real life, which makes our on-screen chemistry amazing.

Mumbai: Actress Alefia Kapadia impresses everyone with her amazing performance in Sony TV show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2.

She plays the role of Sara Sood in the series.

Sara is Priya’s older sister and viewers admire the sisterly bond with her on-screen sisters in the show.

The actress has won several accolades for her performance on the show.

We all know that every character in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 has progressed a lot over the past few months.

So far, viewers have seen some major storyline changes that have led to some interesting twists.

The show had previously witnessed a track about Sara’s past where her husband Varun and son Ishaan made an entrance which brought a huge twist in her life.

And now that the show has taken a leap forward, viewers are seeing Alefia’s love song with Abhinav.

TellyChakkar contacted Alefia who talked about this track and more.

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Sara’s character has seen a lot of progress after the jump. How difficult has it become over time?

The character of Sara has become this wonderful woman who now takes care of her bakery well. She has Ishaan who came back from abroad and now she is going to get married. Sara’s goal earlier was just to get Ram and Priya together because she knew he was good for Priya. But now she’s a little scared. The struggle now is to take inventory of whether it would be easy to reunite Raya and ensure her affected sisters are taken care of. Sara is in a dilemma. This is the only challenge she faces. On top of that, I think it’s beautiful the way the track is going. She is in love and her man gives her so much attention and affection. For me, it’s a beautiful moment to express love, not only to Vikrant but also to Ishaan.

Vikrant and Sara’s track was a huge surprise for fans. What was your reaction to that?

It was a big surprise for the audience. There were talks on my love trail even before the jump happened. I was not told that I would have a love piece with Vikrant. I think what was most amazing was showing Vikrant’s transformation. He has grown into a loving, responsible and mature guy from a Casanova, which is amazing. I am very happy as in real life I am a very loving person. I didn’t have the opportunity to show such emotions. I love this piece. I am very romantic and affectionate.

What kind of response do you get for your on-screen chemistry with Abhinav on the show?

I get a lot of amazing responses from viewers. All of the fan responses are about my chemistry with Vikrant. They love it and think we go well together. Not just fans, but even my co-stars, friends and family love our on-screen jodi. Abhinav and I are building great chemistry and working on it. We sit together and do the lines together and try harder to make our bond look good on screen. The best thing is that Abhinav and I are very good friends in real life. We have a lot of love and respect for each other. We take this opportunity to show the same thing on the screen.

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