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The Hidden Gesture in Your iPhone’s Mail App You Should Definitely Use for All Your Mail Accounts « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

There’s a hidden feature in your iPhone’s Mail app that you may have missed but definitely should know about. It gives you quick access to something you usually have to rummage through folders to find.

What is this something? Drafts of all your email accounts.

When you need to recall a draft email to finish it and send it, you can go to the main mailboxes screen, scroll down and expand the email account where you saved the draft , tap the “Drafts” folder, then find and select the draft in question.

If you don’t want to try to find the email account the Drafts folder is in, you can tap “Edit” at the top of the Mailboxes view and make sure “All Drafts” is checked. Tap “Done” to finish, and there will be a folder for all drafts from all your accounts in the topmost section. You can even move it to the very top in the “Edit” menu.

But there is a faster way to open the All Drafts folder without being in Mailboxes view. Although it’s been available for iPhone since iOS 4, it’s still relatively unknown to new Mail users and easily forgettable if you don’t access your drafts much.

Long press or long press the dial button.

The gesture works from any screen where the compose button appears – the main mailbox view, any folder for any account, and even within the emails themselves. It literally appears on every view of the Mail app, except when writing drafts, changing UI layouts, and selecting multiple emails at once to flag, move, or delete. And that’s what makes the gesture so useful.

When you long-press the compose button, a modal pops up with all your drafts from every email account, whether they’re saved to iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, or another service. In this window, you can start a brand new message, swipe left on drafts to delete them, and choose a draft to open and finish.

The only downside to long-pressing the compose button is that it shows all drafts from all accounts. For me, this is ideal since I usually only come back to the most recent drafts, not the ones I’ve forgotten and abandoned. However, some of you might like that the shortcut only shows drafts from the account you’re currently using, and there’s no way to do that.

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