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The Middle East’s first-ever NFT collaboration and collection to merge fashion with environmental consciousness

  • Boredpuma partners with Splash Fashions to create the groundbreaking Celestial collection, becoming the first company to launch an NFT in the region.

Dubai, UAE, March 18, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Created in 2019 with the aim of bringing together artists, visionary ideas, evolving technology and the virtual world, Boredpuma reveals the upcoming launch of the Celestial Collectionthe highly anticipated collaboration with Splash Fashions.

As an award-winning, sustainability-focused and forward-thinking fashion brand, Splash stands out as the ideal collaborator in this project, merging technology and fashion-driven art. This collection is recognized as the first ever NFT collection and collaboration of its kind in the Middle East, signifying the future of NFT, the Metaverse and beyond.

The groundbreaking virtual collection showcases sustainability and fashion concepts with concept art created by Jong Sacil. Featuring the mask of a “puma” – the artwork will signify the collaborative efforts to then develop future characters for the metaverse. The celestial collection is made up of characters whose designs represent the celestial bodies of our universe and are inspired by the elements; the sun, moon, planets, stars, constellations, etc. Symbolizing graphic elements and featuring a Y2K aesthetic, the character designs are inspired by manga and anime. The Samurai Sword expresses each character’s personal identity with compelling artwork and unique designs.

Future projects in the collection will include 3D avatars, with masks acting as the symbolic trait that combines fashion with the “Gen2” Puma Punks. This phase will allow the collaboration to move to the metaverse.

By purchasing from this NFT collaboration, members will have access to benefits, including a digital access card, which allows access to the inner circle of fashion shows, future projects and the possibility to knock and buy during the presale. All NFT Collection owners will receive a Discord ‘Splash’ badge and can rank up by being an active member to reach the OG rank of ‘Celestial’.

The Boredpuma X Splash collaboration of the future will also include 3D card collections, game development, a fully developed and semi-dystopian storyline, “The Celestials”, as well as an immersive audio and visual experience that will feature original soundtracks and elements completely unique to the Celestial Collection. 3D environments, 3D character creation and VR characters will all be part of the world of this collection – this is just the beginning.

About Boredpuma

Boredpuma is a studio and creative agency that started as a collective of specialists in various fields of sound, film, photography, art and more. It is the youngest marketing agency in the region which also operates in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT). They look forward to progressing through virtual worlds and the metaverse.

About Splash

Splash was founded in Sharjah in 1993 and has 200 stores in 13 countries around the world.

Splash offers an extensive, award-winning collection of popular clothing for men, women and teens. It is also the go-to destination for international brands such as Kappa and Lee Cooper.

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