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The New Yahoo Mail app makes it easier to delete all messages from a sender at once and track purchase receipts and purchases more efficiently.

To save time and increase productivity, Yahoo announced new features for Yahoo Mail that make inbox management easier. Additionally, Yahoo Mail has added tools in this new update that allow consumers around the world to manage their online purchases and enjoy shopping.

The latest enhancements bolster Yahoo Mail’s core services, which connect millions of users every day, and include the much-loved 1TB of free storage. Based on their interactions and interests, users’ lives are made easier by the new Yahoo Mail app, which also offers top-notch utilities for quick and easy access to the most important information.

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New features in the Yahoo Mail app:

Updated inbox top navigation

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According to user research by Yahoo Mail, consumers spend more time at the top of the mail screen than at the bottom. Users can switch between ‘Inbox’, ‘Attachments’, ‘Forward’ and more in the new navigation at the top of the Yahoo Mail app’s Inbox to help them find what they need faster. need. The contextual filter adjusts the user’s screen to give them the best visibility based on what they want to see once they click and start scrolling. It also has a “Travel” filter so users can easily keep track of all their upcoming travel bookings in one place as more and more people manage their travel schedules via email.

The Updated Navigation feature at the top of the Inbox aims to improve user awareness and access to the information that matters most to them while reducing signal-to-noise ratio.

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Group by sender

Users will be able to quickly delete all emails from a sender by grouping emails by domain using the new “group by sender” feature. Users identified this as a major problem and demanded a faster and more efficient approach to eliminating junk files from their inbox.

Eliminate the need to search your inbox for specific emails from senders. Without having to type anything in a search window, grouping emails by sender provides a faster and easier way to view emails from a single sender.

One-click unsubscribe

With a simple tap, users can unsubscribe from one or more brand promotional emails and newsletters at a time.

Connect all your accounts:

Enjoy additional features by logging in to your Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft or other accounts in one place.


Shows all attachments in your inbox and allows you to filter them by files (PDFs, Word documents, JPEGs), photographs, etc. a significant time saver that avoids opening several emails to search for attachments.

Subscription renewal reminders

When a free trial is about to expire or a paid subscription is about to renew, alerts at the top of the new Yahoo Mail app’s inbox let you know.

View receipts

A page where you can view receipts for each of your orders. Faster returns and useful information on spending trends are provided.

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