Mail track

The tool that allows you to track your vote in the Californian elections

(KTXL) – For each election, ballots are mailed to every registered voter in California. Voters can complete, sign and return their ballot by mail and follow the progress of the vote online.

The ballot tracking process is part of a “Where is my ballot? » service provided by the California Secretary of State.

The service, available in every county, allows voters to be notified when their ballot is sent, received and counted. Voters can also receive notifications via email, text or voice calls.

You can register for the service here.

Registered voters can log in with their first and last name, date of birth and postal code. Once you are logged in, the ballot goes through four stages to be counted: outgoing, incoming, received and accepted ballot.

Here is the process for each step of tracking your ballot.

Outgoing vote

This first step in the process notifies voters when their ballots have been mailed to their home. For voters wondering where their ballot is, the “Outbound Ballot” step in your account lets you know it’s on its way from the post office.

The “Where’s My Ballot” website will tell you to look for your ballot in your mailbox soon.

Incoming Ballot

After you fill out your ballot and drop it in the mailbox, this step lets you know the Postal Service has picked it up and takes it to your county election office. According to the website, the Postal Service will notify the state that it has received your ballot and forward it to your county election office.

Ballot received

This step in the process lets the voter know that their county election office has received their ballot. Mail-in ballots are retained and sorted, but are not officially counted until Election Day.

Vote accepted

This is the final step in the process that notifies voters that their local election office confirms that they have received their ballot and counted their vote.