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The works of Grand Ave. E. are on track to be completed by the end of November

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Rehabilitation work underway along Grand Avenue East is on track and expected to be completed by the end of next month, city officials say.

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The news will come as a relief to motorists and area businesses on the busy stretch of road, which has seen periodic delays and lane closures since construction began in September 2021, although access has been maintained.

The improvements consist of a complete replacement of the asphalt pavement, as well as the installation of curbs and gutters, under-drains, catch basins and the left turn lane at Michener Road. The project also includes the replacement of Grand Avenue above the Arnold Creek culvert.

The $6.6 million rehabilitation project was roughly split between the municipality and the province and included a 2.2 kilometer stretch of road between Taylor Avenue and the CP Railroad west of the Communication path.

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“We still expect the project to be completed before the end of November,” Brendan Falkner, Chatham-Kent’s director of engineering, roads and bridges, told the Daily News on Friday.

The surface asphalt was just laid this week, he added. As for the replacement of the Arnold Creek culvert, the construction was staggered in two phases in order to allow the maintenance of two traffic lanes on Grand Avenue at all times.

The south side of the culvert was completed first, with crews now working on the north side.

Once complete, the section of Grand Avenue at the culvert will be paved.

Falkner said overall the work to date has gone fairly well, noting that there are often hurdles with any road project of this scale.

“Any time we rebuild a high-traffic road like Grand Avenue, there are challenges to keep traffic flows steady and business access open at all times,” he said.

“We were able to work with our contractor to plan and stagger construction activities to try to minimize disruption to traffic and the driveway entrance.”

Grading and restoration of the boulevard in all areas affected by construction will continue over the next four to six weeks.