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Trending ‘First Drake’ as Fans Love Beyonce’s New House Track

During the holiday weekend Duck gave the world new music to rock and enjoy the good weather. All the while being outside, without warning, and it was an album of mostly house music. So Beyonce warned the world exposure that she would be releasing new music and decided to give us a little taste of what’s to come on her 7th solo studio album Renaissance Act 1. This series of events sparked the start of the “First Drake” hashtag.

At midnight on June 21, 2022, Beyonce released the single “Break My Soul” on all streaming platforms, and Twitter users can’t help but be captivated by the sound. Beyonce’s Break My Soul is a house track, much like Drake’s, according to users on the social media platform Honestly it doesn’t matterfurther triggering the #FirstDrake hashtag.

Drake fans took to their Twitter accounts to say how unhappy they were with the artist’s new house music sound for an entire album all weekend. Many other users slammed these users saying the music would grow on them by midsummer, and Drake agreed!

Well, they might not have to wait that long! The Beyhive can be very persuasive, and they LOVE this new Beyonce.

Here are the fan reactions:

It looks like we’re having a “summer of house music” and we can be outside again because Beyonce said we could! City girls and city boys, you are all ready to dance or not!