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Troubleshooting: Unable to Send Email with Gmail and Direct Mail

Gmail has certain limits in place and you only send or receive a limited number of emails per day. If this limit is exceeded, Google may resend the email with an error message saying “You have received a limit for sending emails”.

The daily sending limit is 2,000 emails for G Suite for Work accounts and 500 for free Gmail and Google Apps accounts. Per-day limits are applied over a rolling 24-hour period, not a fixed time of day.

It’s important to know that Gmail’s sending limits are per user and are shared by all of the user’s email clients, including web apps, software, SMTP clients, and add-ons that may send emails through your Gmail account.

For example, if you sent 300 emails via the Gmail website, 50 emails via Microsoft Outlook linked to your Gmail account via IMAP or POP, and another 100 messages via an email alias on a different domain , the maximum number of emails you can send through the mail merge add-on will only be 50 during this 24-hour period.

If you exceed the sending limit, you’ll get an error message – like “you’ve reached a Gmail limit for sending emails” or “Oops.. the system encountered a problem” – and Gmail can sometimes temporarily prevent you from sending new messages. The limits do not apply at any set time of day and the user may have to wait up to 24 hours before the limits are reset automatically.

PS: The daily sending limit is even lower – 100 total recipients per day – if you use Microsoft Exchange or any non-Google SMTP service to route messages through Gmail mail servers.

You can resend bounced emails after 24 hours.

Resent email – Your message was not sent

If you receive a bounced email from [email protected] – with the message “An error occurred, your message was not sent” or “You have reached an email sending limit , your message was not sent” – this indicates that you have reached the Gmail sending limit for the day.

Learn more – You have reached an email sending limit

There is no workaround for this problem and you will have to wait for Gmail to reset your email quota. Once the quota is reset, you can resend the message to the same recipients and they should be delivered normally.

Your messages can also bounce if you send too many emails to nonexistent email addresses. It is therefore important to clean up your mailing lists and remove invalid email addresses before launching another direct mail campaign.

Gmail Error – Message Rejected

This happens when Gmail classifies your outgoing email as spam. This happens when you have spam text in the body of the message or you have a large number of recipients in the CC or BCC list.