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‘Uncrusting’ Collins: Renovations continue, on track for August 2023 reopening

Renovations inside Collins Hall. Olivia Haven | Photographer

By Mariah Bennett | Personal editor

Three months into the 14-month construction plan, renovations to Collins Hall are on track. According to Curtis Odle, Associate Director of Facilities and Operations, the residence is expected to reopen in August 2023.

Odle said by email that the most dramatic change to the building will be a large main entrance on the side facing Pat Neff Hall, although there will be many other changes.

“The former Collins Dining Hall will be a completely renovated community living room and lobby for residents to enjoy,” Odle said. “The other big changes relate to community toilets. Collins will remain a community bathroom, but the bathrooms will incorporate a pod-style configuration with each pod including a shower, toilet and sink.

As of August 22, Odle said the demolition of the fifth floor was complete and the demolition of the sixth floor was in progress.

“A renovation like this project requires a lot of demolition,” Odle said. “At the same time, work has started on the lower floors to frame new staff apartments and a new community space. Crews began drilling holes in the concrete slabs to make way for new plumbing and electrical lines.

Shawnee, Kansas, senior and former Collins resident Jordan Marr said she thinks the residence would benefit from the renovation.

“When I lived there, the building had issues due to its age, especially with things like bathrooms and elevators, so I think it needs updating,” Marr said. .

Garden Grove, Calif., junior and former Collins community leader Lexi Serrano said the renovation was necessary, even though it could affect the experience of incoming freshmen due to the reputation Collins holds for delivering. many opportunities for women to meet and find lifelong friends.

“From my experience as a community leader in Collins, I have found that residents generally choose to live there not because of the quality of the building or the location, but because they seek to find the tight-knit community Collins is known for having. provided to many freshman girls over the years,” Serrano said.

Marr said while the renovation has the potential to disrupt freshman experiences, Baylor can improve future disruptions by trying to do as much as possible during summer break.

“It’s hard to plan renovations in a building like Collins because it houses so many students,” Marr said.