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Valorant Down with Error Code VAL 19 – Latest Server Status

Valorant is down tonight for some players, with error code VAL 19 causing issues for those trying to play matches online, or access basic services.

Riot Games responded to the outage as issues with the client continued throughout the evening on North American servers.

Riot’s latest message reads: “We are aware of an issue causing failed login attempts and are working on a fix.”

Here’s what we know about tonight’s Valorant issues following an increase in fan reports.

Valorant | GECELER – Fade Agent Trailer

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Valorant | GECELER – Fade Agent Trailer





Valorant down with error code VAL 19

As confirmed by players tonight, Valorant is down with error code VAL 19. There are several different codes used by Riot Games to confirm what is happening and what is causing issues.

VAL 19 is part of a larger number of codes used by the development team, and according to the site, it could be related to “Problems with the Riot client”.

Thousands of reports have come in of tonight’s issues, which means there are likely to be quite a few players facing connection issues.

This includes being unable to access servers or play live matches using normal methods. At this time, there is no ETA for when Valorant servers will be back online, or what caused tonight’s outage.

Below are some of Valorant’s known error codes and what they mean, just in case you see a different message tonight when trying to play:

1 – Connection Error Go ahead and restart VALORANT and the Riot client.
4 – Your display name is invalid. Something is wrong with your Riot ID. You can change it here.
5 – The account has been logged in elsewhere. You must sign out of all devices.
7 – Unable to connect to session service. You could have a suspension on your account. Please check your email for more information. It could also be a platform issue. Be sure to check out the VALORANT Discord banner or support site for more information.
8 – 21 – Issues with the Riot client. Go ahead and restart the Riot client.
29 – This is a network problem. Please make sure your firewall allows VALORANT through.

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