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What is Advance Server and how do I register?

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games that relish a massive global fandom. While gamers are enjoying the game, they are excited about the upcoming updates and features. To give gamers a preview of upcoming releases, Free Fire has launched a platform called Free Fire Advance Server. Keep reading to learn more about free Fire Advance server registration.

Free Fire Advance Server Signup

Video games often allow players to experience upcoming features through beta releases. The popular sandbox game Minecraft has recently launched Minecraft Preview which is a version of the game which allows players to experience the upcoming features of the game. Now Battle Royale video game Free Fire has also launched a similar platform where players will be able to test out the game’s upcoming features before their public launch.

The platform is called Free Fire Advance Server and players need to register on the server to try out the latest features that will be coming to the game in future updates. Essentially, Free Fire Advance Server will help the game developers to detect and report game bugs and give feedback. This way, the game developers can fix bugs in time for a future update.

How to register for Free Fire Advance Server

  • Head to
  • Scroll down the webpage and click on ‘Facebook Login’ or ‘Google Login’
  • In the form that opens, enter the required details including full name, active email and active phone number
  • Submit details and wait for an activation code which will be sent to either email or phone number
  • It is important to keep in mind that users who register for the game will not necessarily receive an activation code as Garena will allow limited players to access the Free Fire Advance server.

Although Free Fire Advance allows players to access the latest game features before anyone else, it is not so easy to access the beta version of the game. Players will be prompted to access the Free Fire Advance server via activation codes. However, the game also clarifies that only a limited number of players will be able to access the latest game updates. first revealed the game to a limited number of players, after which it officially released the game.