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What makes a concert interesting… – Slipped DiscSlipped Disc

Norman Lebrecht

April 17, 2022

… is the subject of a new research project in Berlin.

Here’s what you need to know:

Experimental Concert Research focuses on the scientific measurement of the concert experience. An international group of researchers set out to use empirical-experimental methods in a series of large-scale experiments to examine which parameters of the concert ritual are paramount to the audience’s concert experience.

This question will be examined in the context of real concerts using a multi-method research design. In different concerts, computer-assisted pre- and post-surveys, as well as physiological measurements and video recordings for analysis of movement data will be used to investigate the following questions: How do people feel at a concert? ? Why does music touch us, excite us and affect us? And how to make the concert of the future more attractive?

The experimentation of the series will take place in April and May 2022 in the Radialsystem and the Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin. The concert series will feature renowned musicians such as Alban Gerhardt and Baiba Skride.

See an explanatory video here.