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What’s New in HUAWEI Petal Mail App

HUAWEI has its own email service called Petal Mail. Available through the HUAWEI AppGallery, Petal offers a complete messaging experience with a dedicated app. Recently, HUAWEI started testing several new features of its app, which were made available to public beta testers in China. These beta testers got access to a new user experience, multi-account management, and overall improvements.

New features:

  • Support for multiple Petal Mail accounts – up to 10 accounts at the same time.
  • Support independent login and single account logout.
  • Adding enhanced protection for email activities to prevent your IP address and emails from being tracked.
  • A new home page has been added.
  • Improved user experience.

HUAWEI Petal Courier

New users of the HUAWEI Petal Mail service will have access to an address. The HUAWEI AppGallery offers the main client application available for download. This is how new users can get started with HUAWEI Petal Mail.

the Web: Register or log in to your account on the official Petal Mail website from a PC browser to use the mail service.

Application: Search and download Petal Mail via HUAWEI AppGallery. Currently, the Petal Mail app can be installed and used on devices running EMUI 4.0 or later and HMS Core or later.

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