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What’s new with the Maps app in iOS 16: Hop-on Hop-off routing, transit map support and more

The iOS 16 Maps app hasn’t seen as many changes as some of the other apps in the update, but there’s at least one major change worth noting: hop-on hop-off routing. Multi-stop routing is a long-awaited Maps feature, and there are a few other new options.

This guide highlights all the features new to the Maps app in ‌iOS 16‌.

Multi-stop routing

With ‌iOS 16‌ you can plan a route with multiple stops for the first time. It used to be that you could only go to one place, and the Apple Maps app was far behind competitors like Waze and Google Maps when planning multiple stops on a trip.

ios 16 multi-stop routing maps
When entering a destination in the Maps app in ‌iOS 16‌, you can tap the new “Add stop” button to choose multiple locations. Up to 15 locations can be added to a route, and the Maps app will go to each stop in turn. Note that the Maps app does not optimize the route, so you will have to do this manually when entering stops.

Add stops with Siri

If you’re already on the road and want to insert a stop into your route, you can use Siri’s voice commands to do so.

Plan routes on Mac

To plan a trip with multiple stops, you can prepare everything on the Maps app on Mac, then transfer it to the iPhone when you’re ready to go.

apple maps mac map route

Map UI Updates

To accommodate the new hop-on hop-off route option, getting directions has been streamlined. It is easier to switch from driving to walking, public transport, cycling and carpooling.

ios 16 maps interface
There are also drop-down menus to change how you want to travel, what time you want to leave, and options to avoid tolls or highways, making it quicker to explore your preferences when getting a car. itinerary.

Recent routes you’ve used will show up in the Recent section for quicker access.

Transit Cards in Maps

Transit cards added to the Wallet app are integrated with the Maps app, so you can see if your balance is low and add more funds without having to switch to the Wallet app.

card clipper cards ios 16

Public transport fares

When planning a public transport route, you can see how much it will cost by public transport in certain cities.

maps ios 16 public transport fares

Photo permissions

The Maps app in ‌iOS 16‌ has a toggle for businesses to use photos you upload using the built-in Maps rating feature. This applies to businesses that provide photos to Maps, and it includes location information, but not identity.

ios 16 photo permission cards

Revamped Apple Card design

Apple in iOS 15 introduced a new, more detailed ‌Apple Maps‌ design that provides more detail for roads, trails, greenery, and more. The updated Maps app is coming to the following countries in ‌iOS 16‌:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Israel
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxemburg
  • monaco
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Palestinian territories
  • Saudi Arabia

Guides’ comments

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