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Wolfpack top Wolverines on Wednesday | News, Sports, Jobs

CLYMER — The Clymer/Sherman/Panama Boys and Girls took home the Chautauqua-Cattarauagus Athletic Association wins over Westfield on Wednesday.

The girls improved to 3-1, highlighted by Jenna Fisher’s individual wins in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters. His teammate Tayden Persons was a double winner in the 400 meters hurdles and the high jump.

The boys picked up their first league win to move to 1-3.

Gerald Carris won the 110 meter hurdles and the high jump, and TreyVon Kopta won the triple jump and the long jump.


3200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (RJ Johnson, Ben Cooke, Ishmael Martin Lacayo, Trent Shampoe). T-10:21.4.

110m hurdles: Gerald Carris (CSP), Jack Harding (CSP), Alex Barmore (CSP). T-16.0.

100m: Jack Bourgeois (F), TreyVon Kopta (CSP), Ryan Perry (CSP). T-11.9.

1500m: Michael Raven (CSP), Lucas Dunnewold (CSP), Ben Cooke (CSP). T-5:16.7.

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Hayden Battaglia, Alex Barmore, Michael Shampoe, TreyVon Kopta. Time — 49.1.

400m: Brandon Keefe (CSP), Max Guzman (CSP), Simon Mueller (F). T-57.4.

400m hurdles: Jack Hading (CSP), Ryan Perry (CSP), Martin Ohlsson (F). T-1:05.9.

800m: Owen White (CSP), Memphis Kopta (CSP), RJ Johnson (CSP). T-2:09.5.

200m: Max Guman (CSP), Jayden Malecki (CSP), Aiden Covert (F). T-26.1.

3000m: Owen White (CSP), Memphis Kopta (CSP). T-13:50.4.

1600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama. T—4:04.10.

High jump: Carris (CSP), Jack Bourgois (F), Jayden Malecki (CSP). H-5-2.

Long jump: TreyVon Kopta (CSP), Jack Bourgois (F), Max Guzman (CSP). D—18-10.

Triple jump: TreyVon Kopta (CSP), Owen White (CSP), Jack Bourgois (F). D-39-1.5.

Shots: Hayden Battaglia (CSP), Kyle Douglas (F), Alex Barmore (CSP). D-35-4.

Discs: Anthony Cipolla (CSP), Kyle Douglas (F), Hayden Battaglia (CSP). D-102-0.


3200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Grace Cooke, Hannidy Goetzinger, Alyssa Pratt, Liz Anderson). T-13:11.9.

100 hurdles: Leighanne Swan (CSP), Dakota Rammelt (F), Lily Borowski (CSP). T-16.8.

100m: Jenna Fisher (CSP), Dakota Rammelt (F), Cassie Marucci (CSP). T-12.6.

1500m: Solki Martin-Lacayo (CSP), Hannah Schauman (CSP), Cynthia Lopez (F). T-5:25.

400m relay: Westfield (Dakota Rammelt, Aliyah Rivera, Kimi Delcamp, Makartnee Motimer). T-56.5.

400m: Jenna Fisher (CSP), Solki Martin-Lacayo (CSP), Matilyn Rhines (CSP). T-1:02.

400m hurdles: Tayden Persons (CSP), Markartnee Mortimer (F), Lily Borowski (CSP). T=1:13.5.

800m: Brooke Warner (CSP), Eve Johnson (CSP), Haley Odell (CSP). T-2:40.

200m: Jenna Fisher (CSP), Cassie Marucci (CSP), Dakota Rammelt (F). T-26.5.

3000m: Grace Cooke (CSP), Hannidy Goetzinger (CSP). T-1:53 p.m.

1600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Brooke Warner, Haley Odell, Caitlyn Kriner, Hannah Schauman). T-5:31.7.

High jump: Tayden Persons (CP), Isa Kioko (CSP), Aliyah Rivera (W). H-4-4.

Long jump: Kiersten Olson (CSP), Leighanne Swan (CSP), Haley Odell (CSP). D-12-11.5.

Triple jump: Lily Borowski (CSP), Lily Johnson (CSP), Kiersten Olson (CSP). T-29-4.

Shots: Anna Snabria (F), Kenzie Skarzenski (CSP), Makartnee Mortimer (F). D-26-3.

Discs: Anna Snabria (F), Lauren Bills (F), Abby Becker (CSP). D-73-0.

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