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Xandr’s POV on the CTV ad server space; Is Sunnier Times early for the news?

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The sequel smells of success

Xandr CTO Ben John and EVP and GM Mike Welch recently shed some light on how Xandr plans to win in the CTV and video ad serving market, which is essentially new to Xandr and a capability he is developing for the Netflix ad sales partnership.

An important factor is Xandr’s comprehensive technology (buy-side, sell-side, and ad server), Welch says in a recent interview with Marketecture. It’s “the only reason Netflix chose us,” he told Marketecture founder and CEO Ari Paparo.

Although rumors swirled this summer about Netflix’s potential suitors, Welch says it was clear to Microsoft and its advertising specialists that Netflix wanted a DSP, SSP and ad server package. Realistically, only a very small handful of companies fit this bill.

At one point in the interview, Welch makes the observation that serving CTV ads “isn’t that complicated” compared to the foreign “bells and whistles” of old broadcast video ad servers.

Paparo notes that FreeWheel, where he was previously responsible for strategy and partnerships after the Acquisition of beeswaxis the 400-pound gorilla in the room that wears all those bells and whistles.

Although the victory of Xandr’s Netflix account is a coup, Paparo seems to doubt that a video ad server could be so easily launched in the space of a year.

Make a nonprofit profit

Local newspapers are in crisis mode, with 360 US newspapers closed in the past three years alone.

Many newspapers have adopted paywalls and subscriptions to try to save themselves, but now some, including the Chicago Sun-Times, are backtracking on their subscription plans.

The Sun-Times is returning to an open site for anyone who shares an email address, which should (hopefully for its own good) mean an increase in ad revenue. The newspaper, which became a nonprofit earlier this year, will also be soliciting donations, according to a Release.

The Sun-Times gained nonprofit status in January when it joined Chicago Public Media, a nonprofit run by NPR’s regional affiliate. Along with this arrangement, Chicago Public Media raised $61 million in charitable donations with the goal of growing local journalism in Chicago.

The Sun-Times is making an interesting tradeoff here – and not just ad revenue in exchange for dropping its paywall. While subscriptions can be a source of revenue, they also cost a lot of money to promote while simultaneously decreasing a publisher’s potential readership. Sun-Times stories will go further on social platforms and reach more readers if the site is free and open.

Can we Astro-Not already with this

You know how everything is an ad network these days?

Apparently, the satellite makers got the memo…or at least read a feasibility study by researchers at Russia’s Skoltech University, which claims satellite display panels would be cost-effective, Gizmodo reports.

Stay with us. A group of satellites would launch into space as a logo or brand message and hover for periods of time over dense cities as the group of satellites circles the Earth.

The “ads” would only appear when they were most likely to be seen, such as at dusk. (Sky visibility metrics!) They could also claim massive range, not to mention shock value.

The idea of ​​the satellite is not totally new. Pepsi briefly assessed then ditched the idea of ​​putting bright satellites into near orbit to form a fake constellation for a marquee launch in 2019. SpaceX, the spacecraft maker led by Elon Musk, also has a satellite billboard, which, to be fair, is a marketing stunt and not a drain on ad revenue.

A single mission would cost $65 million. (Can anyone figure CPM out on this, please?) But this mission could go on for months and end up turning into a multimillion-dollar profit, according to the newspaper, which, and we can’t not make it up, is titled “Ad-block This: Space Advertisers Are Ready to Display Ads in the Sky.”

But wait, there’s more!

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Prominent influencer Bethenny Frankel is suing TikTok over ads she says abused her image. [WaPo]

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You are engaged!

Publica appoints Steph Miller as chief commercial officer for the EMEA region. [release]

Outbrain appoints longtime veterinarian Alexander Erlmeier as CRO. [release]

Fox Entertainment names Rob Wade its new CEO. [Deadline]

Former Google public policy chief Richard Whitt joins Twilio as SVP for government relations and public policy. [LinkedIn]