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Yahoo Mail app gets a redesign to help you make sense of your inbox

Yahoo is redesigning its Mail app for Android and iOS users to help users make sense of their inbox and declutter their email quickly and efficiently. The new Yahoo Mail app will come with some useful new features, including the ability to track purchase receipts and purchases, as well as the ability to delete all messages from a sender with a single click.

“Email volume is steadily increasing year on year. This remains high even among younger consumers, around 90% in the 15-24 age group globally. Email usage is going up and what we’ve seen during the global pandemic is that email volume has gone up 14% and it hasn’t gone down even when restrictions have been eased,” said Josh Jacobson, vice -senior president and general manager of Yahoo Communications at during a call.

He also pointed out that almost half of all emails people open are related to purchases, especially receipts, and that purchases are also the reason people create new accounts, especially the generation Z. “About 46% of them open an account online. purchases,” he said.

This also explains why the new Yahoo Mail is designed to help users understand the various emails they might receive regarding purchases, subscriptions, purchases, and more.

For one thing, Yahoo has also updated the navigation at the top of the inbox, as its user testing has shown that people spend more time staring at the top of the screen on emails, rather than the bottom. The new navigation at the top of the inbox now features contextual filters – users can switch between “Inbox”, “Attachments”, “Next” and more. The contextual filter adapts their screen to give them maximum visibility based on what they want to see. It also includes a “Travel” filter, where users can easily track all of their upcoming travel bookings in one place.

The new Yahoo Mail is designed to help users understand the different emails they might receive regarding purchases, subscriptions, purchases, and more.

The new “group by sender” feature will allow users to group emails by domain to quickly delete all messages from a sender, all at once. Yahoo says this was a major issue for users, which they are now fixing. It also allows viewers to see a sender’s emails without having to type in a search bar. There is also a new one-click unsubscribe option where users can unsubscribe from one or more brand promotional emails and newsletters in one place.

Yahoo Mail will show all receipts and purchases in separate tabs in the new app experience.

Lastly, the Receipts view will help users see receipts for all their online orders in one place, whether it’s a lunch from Zomato or a regular package from Amazon or Flipkart. Yahoo will also indicate returns, refunds, etc. in the tab. The way Yahoo has designed this filter is that it will be able to extract product information, price, even refund details – if any – from the email itself and display it at the user as shown above.

Yahoo says the feature will work for most domains and websites, including those from India. The inbox also contains subscription alerts to remind users that a free trial is about to expire or a paid subscription is about to renew. Users can access their Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft or other account(s) in one place through the app. The new Yahoo Mail app is rolling out globally on iOS and Android.

Asked about the competition, Jacobson pointed out that Yahoo Mail users rely on the service because they want it and prefer the Yahoo experience. “We’re seeing very high engagement for Yahoo Mail users because they’re the ones who chose Yahoo. We really lean into that consumer orientation because the more you focus on a particular type of user or customer case. use, the more space you can define between the competition and yourself,” he said.

“For years we’ve also offered a free terabyte of storage and it’s really helped our users feel less stressful about email,” he added.